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Already operating smart

There are many options for traveling smart in Scotland. The vast majority of the public transport network is now covered by smartcards, m-ticket mobile apps or smart payments.

Scroll down to see which operators are operating smart and click to find out more. 

Scottish ITSO Smartcards

Scottish ITSO smartcards offer the benefit of being able to store smart tickets from the majority of Scotland's public transport network operators. There are many card options available to you.

For more information, click on a Scottish ITSO smartcard below.

OR to find which smartcard works best for you, see our "Which option?" page.

Non-ITSO travel cards

Depending upon where you live in Scotland and your travel needs, a non-ITSO travel card may be the most suitable option to meet your travel needs

M-ticket apps

Transport operator M-ticket apps often offer the convenience of being able to plan your journey, purchase and store tickets, keep up to date with live travel information and more all in one place. However, they can only be used with that operator and cannot be used for travel on other modes or with other operators.